The New Tisas AS (Armed Services) M1911A1 ReproductionThe Firearm Blog

The New Tisas AS (Armed Services) M1911A1 ReproductionThe Firearm Blog

Based off of the original WWII-issued Remington Rand M1911A1 pistol, the new Tisas AS or “Armed Services” museum-grade 1911 pistol is Tisas USA’s love letter to the classic war-era 1911 pistol. The Tisas AS features the original type E solid hammer, lanyard loop, and even a smaller ejection port window that almost perfectly replicates the original pistol that your Grandfather might have been issued during the Second World War.

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An Original Remington Rand M1911A1 that the Tisas AS is aiming to replicate – Photo

The New Tisas USA AS (Armed Services) M1911A1 Reproduction

Knoxville, TN (January 9th, 2024)– Tisas USA, a division of SDS Imports, the internationally recognized firearms manufacturer that provides high quality firearms at unrivaled value is pleased to introduce a museum-grade replica of the M1911A1 as it was issued during the Second World War. Based on a 1943 Remington Rand, the Tisas Armed Services (AS) duplicates the original Type E hammer, correct arched mainspring housing, small window ejection port, and other features specific to the sub-contracted pistols of the day.

“Until now, no one has produced a true replica of the issue M1911A1,” stated SDS/Tisas USA CEO Tim Mulverhill. “Many companies have created ‘GI’ or similarly named models, but none of them were true representations of the original. We set out to create a version that would be hard to tell apart when holding an original in one hand and the Tisas in the other. Until you see the discreet manufacturer information under the dust cover, you can’t tell them apart other than wear

and the cruder wartime machining marks of the originals. We even considered adding the flaming Ordnance Bomb proof mark, but there is a fine line between replica and counterfeit, and we felt that would be crossing it.”The Armed Services features the correct United States Property roll marks, and ships with the correct brown plastic grips. A set of walnut, double diamond checkered grips are also included.

Tisas USA hasn’t released photos of the other side of the pistol, but presumably, the “Museum Grade” Tisas AS will feature US Property roll marks like is pictured in this original Remington Rand Model | Photo: Ancestry Guns

Collectible guns are cool and all, but I love to shoot my guns and this would be one way to own something fairly close to an original WWII M1911A1 pistol, but in a modern reproduction so that you don’t have to feel as bad about taking it out of the safe and running it at the range. The Tisas AS is available for an MSRP of $479.99 and can be purchased through any of Tisas USA’s dealers. For more information, you can visit

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