{TOP 3} Best Mosin Nagant Stocks in 2023 [August Tested]

{TOP 3} Best Mosin Nagant Stocks in 2023 [August Tested]

The World’s Most Awesome Weapon?

Maybe not nowadays, but the M1981 bolt-action Mosin-Nagant rifle in the hands of Russian soldiers was destined to become one. It began its service life for the Russian infantry during the Russian/Japanese war. Shot its way through World War l, and was upgraded for World War ll.

Russian military Captain Sergei Mosin came up with the simple design, followed by Belgians Léon and Émile Nagant with the five-round mag. This great old warhorse has since become a household name in the gun world, despite and/or because of its brute simplicity.

Some consider upgrading great traditions like this as sacrilege, but they seriously increase its usefulness. Therefore, we take a look at some of the Best Mosin Nagant stocks available 2023 in order to find the perfect one for you…

What are the Benefits?

A little more History

Owning a warhorse with a history like the Mosin Nagant, many would say to leave the old blunderbuss alone. However, during its long history, this gun has been modified many times. In its original form, it may look nice sitting on your wall or in a case. However, it is in keeping with its development, to continue improving on the original, and bring it up to scratch.

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Used by Snipers

The bolt handle, for example, was changed to take telescopic sights at 3.5-4x. The foresight being raised by a millimeter meant snipers could sight targets at 650 yards. The trigger pull was also lightened.

Snipers contested its length, weight, and wooden stocks, which could warp under changes in the weather. The model was, however, really rugged, accurate, and reliable. In fact, German marksmen preferred captured Mosins, to their own Mausers.

Replacements not as Accurate

The Soviets also tried adapting the semiautomatic Tokarev SVT-40 for their snipers. It showed itself to be not as accurate as the robust Mosin-Nagant, which they consequently kept in service.

Around 330,000 Model 1891/30’s were made in Russia from 1941 to 1943. They kept producing them, until replacing the model with the Dragunov SVD, as late as 1963.

With Such a Great History, why Fiddle with the Past?

This great archetype and affordable but reliable firearm is easily and simply re-jigged to bring it into the 21st Century.

While never being superb in the aesthetic department, and feeling like lugging around a tank, modern upgrades solve these issues.

You won’t find the selections as comprehensive as the Remington 700; however, the aftermarket upgrades are very solid. There is plenty to choose from for your Mosin Nagant stock to modify your rifle into your beast of choice. However, you want to repurpose your rifle; the following are three of the Best Mosin Nagant stocks currently on the market 2023.

Best Mosin Nagant Stocks

The 3 Best Mosin Nagant Stocks in 2023

1 Advanced Technology – Mosin Nagant Stock Monte Carlo Polymer Black

This is a very popular model and heading in at the top of the list for our Best Mosin Nagant Stocks.

What is so good about this one?

Probably the most appealing aspect of this particular model is the material used in the construction. Users will rarely have to replace it, as the strength is outstanding.

Advanced Technology International (ATI) specialize in synthetic after-market stocks for any number and models of long guns. The fiberglass strengthened polymer is resistant to just about any chemicals and weather conditions. While the DuPont glass unit will stay flexible and robust in extremely high or low temperatures.

Lightweight and accurate…

The durability is not impeded by the lightweight design, and the significant weight reduction improves the accuracy. The stock can take and retain normal primer and spray paint, and the buttplate made from rubber is very comfortable.

Far less maintenance…

Unlike traditional wooden counterparts, the fiberglass filled stock doesn’t require any maintenance and is virtually indestructible. Additionally, it is much lighter than the wooden stocks, which need a lot of maintenance.

Carrying out alignment with scopes is also made easier by the top comb.

How about ammunition kick?

The strong kick of the 7x54R ammunition is well countered by the non-slip rubber plate, which adds a lot to comfort.

Drop-in stock fits easily…

This package is easily fitted and makes an alluring hunting rifle and is a huge improvement on the old wooden variety.


  • Color: Black
  • Material: Polymer Black
  • Style: Monte Carlo
  • Pull: 14 ½”
  • Weight: 2 lb. 12 oz
  • Model: Universal Rifles
  • Made in the USA


  • Comfortable checkered buttplate.
  • 3M Soft Touch Cheekrest.
  • Faster target alignment.
  • Fantastic strength from fiberglass-filled Zytel®.
  • Sling swivel studs – front and rear.
  • Forearm and grip checkering.
  • No modifications needed.


  • Does not take magazines.
  • After-market triggers may need sanding.

2 Pro Mag Archangel Opfor Mosin-Nagant M1891 Precision Rifle Stock

Feature-rich, the first and most noticeable of the Pro Mag Archangel’s appeal is its ease of installation.

Practical and versatile…

And although it earns its place in our Best Mosin Nagant Stocks, it will also fit a wide variety of rifles:

  • The Mosin-Nagant M91/30
  • The Soviet M-38/M-44/
  • The Finnish M-39 rifles and carbines
  • The Chinese T-53 carbines

More ease in fitting…

The forend takes most barrel contours, and the free-floating barrel transforms this great weapon to a new level.

There should be no problem fitting anything with the M91/30 tag, however others on this list may need a bit of adjustment. While adjustment could also be needed with a standard factory trigger, an aftermarket trigger like the Timney Trigger will drop straight into it.


The recoil is far more comfortable than the old wooden stock. This includes a barrel tensioner if required and a rubber butt pad.

There is an adjustable LOP and click adjustable cheek rest, with an ergonomic pistol grip. QD points also make handling easier.

And there’s more…

There is a small compartment in the grip, which is great for storing small items. But, perhaps the most appealing feature of this synthetic stock is the detachable 5-round magazine, allowing for much faster reloading. Plus, no stripper clips are required. However, the 10-round mag edition does have some feeding issues.

All in all, upgrading your classic rifle into a more’ state of the art’ beast is very achievable with the Archangel.


  • Construction: Extra strong polymer filled fiberglass
  • Color: Black, drab olive and desert tan
  • Caliber: 7.62x54mmR
  • Gun Make: Mosin-Nagant Gun
  • Type: Rifle Included
  • Accessories: Detachable 7.62x54R Magazine
  • Magazine: 5 Round.


  • Carbon fiber polymer durability.
  • Palm swell added to the ergonomic grip.
  • QD sling points.
  • Detachable upgrade 10 round mag.
  • Grip storage compartment.
  • Adjustable pull and cheek riser.


  • Does not add much improvement in accuracy.
  • Pricey for some budgets.
  • Some feeding issues with the 10 round mag.

3 Mosin Nagant 91/30 Ph Mbc Prairie Hunter

This Prairie Hunter model from Boyds is an intriguing addition to our line up of the Best Mosin Nagant Stocks. And it deserves a mention due to its unique offerings and great variety of profiles.

What’s on offer?

Not only nice to look at, the Boyd’s Mosin Nagant Prairie Hunter has more than mere appearances. So, let’s take a look at why this stock is included in our Best Mosin Nagant Stocks.

Retains the spirit of the original…

This stock provides a great choice for improving on a classic world renown design with a great history. It does so while keeping the spirit of the original and just improving on it. The result is hugely effective. This can suit the collector, and the active shooter in you at the same time.

It also provides the technical upgrades that make the stock more durable and easier to maintain. The great look also reveals refinements in the manufacturing process.

Looking at the tech side…

It features a Monte Carlo comb that aids scope usage and prevents thumb to nose contact on recoil. While the cheekpiece provides additional facial support keeping the stock and shoulder aligned for recoil absorption.

Plus, the pistol grip and palm swell give a firm grip facilitating rapid mounting and accurate eye positioning. A sleek beveled oval, hand-conforming forend allows superior palm to forend weld to improve off hand shooting. The stock takes barrels of 22 to 26 inches in length.


  • Barrel Dimensions: Point A = 1 9/64″ and Point B = 45/64″
  • Barrel lengths: 22” – 26”
  • Action Screws: 7” Over All Length of Part: 31 ½”
  • Recoil pad: 1/2” Rubber
  • Color: Pepper
  • Construction: Polished laminated hardwood
  • Make: Tikka
  • Model: T3


  • Ergonomic with palm swell.
  • Sling mounts pre-drilled.
  • Grip caps.
  • Soft recoil pad.
  • Beautiful hardwood finish.
  • Very customizable design.
  • Create your own ideal stock.


  • Laminate finish needs protection.
  • Aftermarket triggers may need additional fitting.
  • Customization will increase the price.

Best Mosin Nagant Stocks Buyers Guide

Best Mosin Nagant Stocks Buyers Guide

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Mosin Nagant Stock

Between the needs of the Russian military, enthusiasts, shooters, and collectors, this legendary weapon has been a real crowd pleaser. Something over 40 million of the Mosin Nagant rifle have been produced since the 19th century. This on a level of popularity with the magnificent AK-47 Kalashnikov, which came much later.

Made with a Short Stock…

The original design was built for your average Russian soldier wearing a thick winter uniform. Despite this, more than 40 countries have utilized the bolt action, five-shot rifle, for the 80 years of its service life.

Benefits of an Upgrade

Upgrading your Mosin Nagant stock has some amazing benefits that will bring it into the 21 century in grand style.

Benefits of an Upgrade

A Much Lighter Weight…

Replacing the heavy wooden stock and ruthless steel butt plate with polymer and fiberglass will make it a lot easier to carry. With the reduction in weight, modern ergonomic design will add a lot to its performance.

The Foibles of Maintenance…

Your traditional wooden stock could foible you, right up the pole. Unless you’re a purist, the ins and outs of caring for a traditional wooden stock can be very time consuming. You need to clean and polish your wooden stock regularly to keep it in good shape. Especially if there’s any fancy etching or design on it.

There is also the additional problem of their tendency to swell or warp. A modern upgrade, even to a wood laminate, is going to reduce these issues.

The All-Important Tactical Advantage…

Attaching anything to an OEM Mosin Nagant, like scopes, slings, or a bipod, will give you a tactical advantage. This should be an important factor in getting you out in the field, confident you have everything going for you. For more information, check out our reviews of the Best Scopes for Mosin Nagant and our Best Rifle Slings reviews.

You will no doubt be looking for advantages in your precision shooting and hunting. Having the right stock will get you there, through better performance.

The Accuracy Test…

Our M91 is a beautifully accurate rifle. The gun of choice for snipers over decades of history, even before the latest technical advancements. So upgrading to a technically advanced stock will complement the pinpoint qualities of this already accurate rifle.

Weight and Materials

Not only is the original heavy, but it showed a strong tendency to damage and warp. This doesn’t mean they are not useful, but they do need a lot of attention and care.

Transitioning to hardened polymer, highly durable composites, and fiberglass will provide a stock that is water, fire, and pressure resistant. Plus, keep in mind that the common problem of warping will also affect your rifle’s accuracy.

The Importance of Ergonomics and Aesthetics…

Ergonomics are a must have when it comes to the feel of your rifle. This is hard to assess without actually handling one. You will often find that when you pick up a rifle, you may or may not get an instant connection with it’s ‘feel’.

Having assessed your preferences for vertical and slant grips, forend, length, and pattern, go for one with the right feel. Additionally, you want to combine the feel with the one you like the look of.

What sort of Mounts there are…

The Mosin Nagant original was designed to be brutally the way it was. Take it or leave it. As for accessories, well, what accessories? These days there are as many options as any modern rifle, so take note of what’s on offer. See what your upgrade can accept in the way of lasers, lights, bipods, scopes, etc.

Potential for Adjustments…

The variety here is last but not least. The flexibility adjustments provided can expand the uses of your rifle extensively – adjustable cheek risers, for example, and length of pull. And most stocks these days offer plenty of adjustability.

Some stocks provide storage spaces. Plus, you can adjust for your shooting stance, the terrain, or even type of clothing. These will give you a considerable tactical advantage in different situations.

Do you love Vintage Firearms?

If so, check out our very informative review of the Best Surplus Rifles still easily available in 2023.

So, what are the Best Mosin Nagant Stocks?

These choices are always hard to make. What you gain with some models you lose on others. The choice should always be a personal one, taking into consideration your overall appreciation of the design. Most importantly, how it fits the purpose, you want it for. If that is similar on all counts, just the look or the price may be the deciding factor.

Upgrading your M91 is a really great fun project. And we have chosen as our favorite, the…

Mosin Nagant 91/30 Ph Mbc Prairie Hunter

This is mostly due to the wonderful designs available. Being a little more expensive, this may not suit everyone, and being a timber laminate, could also deter some others. But, whichever one you choose, have a great time with it.

Happy and safe shooting.

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