C+H Precision Releases Modular Ring Mount For Optics -The Firearm Blog

C+H Precision Releases Modular Ring Mount For Optics -The Firearm Blog

C&H Precision Weapons has a new line of modular ring mounts for attaching red dots to scope tubes. Rather than place the secondary optic on top of the scope ring, C&H placed it on a ring so it could be placed anywhere on the main tube. This also allows it to sit at any angle.

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C&H makes both 30mm and 34mm options for use on most standard rifle scopes. Unlike other ring mounts which typically use a Picatinny rail, this mount uses a modified Glock MOS plate. C&H already makes those plates for a huge range of red dots including Trijicon, Steiner, Holosun, Aimpoint, Leupold, and Vortex. The ring mounts retail for $74.95 without an adapter plate, but purchasers who want to add a C&H plate get a 10% discount. Check out all the various options on the C&H Precision Weapons website.

C+H Precision Releases Modular Ring Mount For Optics

C+H Precision Releases Modular Ring Mount For Optics

From the manufacturer:

For many sportsmen and hunters, there is always the nagging issue of range and what optic best suits their needs. For a decade, LPVOs (Low Power Variable Optics) have sought to bridge the gap between the long-range and zero-magnification shooter. But these have some drawbacks, mainly focal points, that can be difficult for hunters and many sport shooters. While various secondary mounting options for optics have been produced, none have seemed to gain a foothold in the shooting world for many differing reasons; optics compatibility being one of the most prolific. Now, C&H Precision is aiming to make secondary optics more attainable for the average firearm enthusiast.

The new Modular Ring Mount is an optics mount that fits directly to a primary rifle scope and can accommodate various red dot optics. Historically, most secondary optics systems have been designed for a Picatinny rail and are heavily used on the AR platform. Those who have run out of rail space or choose not to utilize a rifle with a rail have been left with little to no options.

C&H Precision’s Modular Ring Mount comes in 30mm and 34mm sizes and is held in place by a pressure fit through the screw. Each is milled for the Glock MOS footprint, which can be adapted to an optic of your choosing by utilizing the quality manufactured adaptor plates directly from C&H Precision. Each Ring Mount is adaptable to individual shooters and not set to a specific degree of orientation. If a firearm enthusiast wants their secondary optic to be 90 or 20 degrees, it can easily be accommodated. It’s an incredibly versatile system.

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