SHAMELESS: Hunter Biden Uses Sandy Hook Memorial to Wheel and Deal

SHAMELESS: Hunter Biden Uses Sandy Hook Memorial to Wheel and Deal

President Joe Biden's son Hunter Biden | Credits: AP Photo

United States: Hunter Biden shamelessly utilized a commemorative ceremony for Sandy Hook to orchestrate a clandestine rendezvous between his progenitor, Joe Biden, and his Chinese business associates, as per recent text exchanges. This disclosure serves as yet another glaring manifestation of the entrenched malfeasance within the Biden kin and their utter disregard for ethical boundaries.

On December 12, 2017, Hunter Biden employed the Chinese messaging platform WeChat to correspond with Liu Yadong, a prominent executive at the Chinese petroleum behemoth CEFC. His missive was explicit: arrange a rendezvous between Joe Biden and Yadong during a moment earmarked for commemorating the victims of a sorrowful school massacre. “Can you convene this early evening,” Hunter wrote. 

“My patriarch will also be in New York, and he desires my presence at the Sandy Hook commemorative ceremony, during which I wish for him to meet you alongside my uncle [Jim Biden], following which you and I can engage in dialogue. Kindly inform me if this arrangement suits,” he said. Meanwhile, Yadong’s response was equally disconcerting, “No hindrance,” he responded. “Please inform me of the venue and time.”

This audacious endeavor to exploit a tragedy for personal gain is not merely unethical; it is unequivocally reprehensible. The Sandy Hook commemoration was envisaged as a solemn occasion to pay homage to the innocent lives lost. Instead, Hunter Biden perceived it as an opportunity to advance his familial and financial interests, evincing a complete absence of respect and moral rectitude.

The correspondences exposing this stratagem were disseminated by Congress subsequent to acquisition from IRS agents probing Hunter Biden. These records furnish incontrovertible proof of how Hunter Biden leveraged his progenitor’s clout and connections to broker arrangements with foreign entities, further enmeshing the Biden clan in a labyrinth of corruption, as outlined by certain reports. 

The messages coordinating this encounter constituted merely a fragment of a broader, nefarious scheme. For months, the Biden lineage had been engaged in negotiations with the Chinese government-affiliated enterprise CEFC, pursuing a USD 10 million annual pact. Liu Yadong, a pivotal figure in this enterprise, aided in managing CEFC’s ostensible philanthropic organization, utilized by its principal, Patrick Ho, to channel bribes to foreign dignitaries. He was subsequently convicted of bribery in 2018, thereby underscoring the corrupt nature of these transactions.

In July 2017, he dispatched menacing messages to CEFC functionary Runlong Zhao, insisting on the fruition of the $10 million agreement and underscoring his patriarch’s involvement. “I am presently in company with my progenitor, and we seek elucidation as to why the undertaken commitment has not been honored,” Biden wrote. This communication stands as damning evidence of Joe Biden’s direct implication in these dubious negotiations, as per the reports.

Fresh whistleblower documents unveiled by Congress unveil further facets of the Biden lineage’s corruption. In November 2017, Hunter initiated a group text exchange on the encrypted messaging platform WhatsApp with his progenitor and uncle, Jim Biden, who was likewise a participant in the multimillion-dollar agreement with CEFC. The messages, denoted by contacts labeled “Patriarch” and “Jim Biden,” evince familial cohesion in these illicit endeavors. These revelations stem from a judicial warrant on Biden’s iCloud account, thereby ensuring the authenticity of the evidence as it was procured directly from his data stored by Apple rather than from any abandoned laptop or physical apparatus.

Hunter Biden’s efforts to downplay his actions as inebriated errors directed to an incorrect recipient are nothing short of risible. Telephonic records demonstrate that Hunter Biden dispatched the message to the appropriate Chinese entrepreneur, Raymond Zhao, who was indeed affiliated with CEFC and comprehended precisely what he was alluding to.

The fact that Hunter Biden dismissed these incriminating messages under oath as inebriated blunders further underscores his disdain for veracity and legal norms. His conduct is not merely a personal failing but a reflection of a broader culture of corruption and duplicity permeating the Biden administration.

These startling revelations necessitate a thorough and impartial inquiry. The populace merits transparency and accountability from their leaders. Hunter Biden’s actions, alongside the involvement of his progenitor and uncle, intimate a grave transgression of ethical and conceivably legal benchmarks. It is incumbent upon those vested with authority to be answerable for their deeds and for truth to be unveiled. The integrity of our governance hinges upon it.